Laboratory Services

Top-of-the-line equipment at your service


Our research laboratory provides you with access to the experts as well as the cutting-edge technology:

Trumpf laser workstations with Motoman and ABB robotic equipment.

5-axle high-speed machining center TajMac/ZPS MCFV 1060 Contour, equipped with a separate electric high-speed axle that can reach 50 000 rpm. The measurement laboratory’s 3-coordinate measuring instrument is suitable for e.g. measuring prototypes.

Prototypes can be manufactured at the sheet metal department of JEDU Nivala vocational school. Our tool manufacturing service also includes maintenance and development.


Equipment manufacturing

  • 5-axle high-speed machining center TajMac ZPS MCFV 1060 Contour (owned by ELME Studio)
  • Wire spark processing machine/Charmilles Robofil 440/ 1200 x 700 x 400 mm +/- 30 ast. (owned by NAO)
  • Countersinking machine /Charmilles Roboform 35P (NAO)
  • Machining unit /Robodrill/ 3-aks. (NAO)
  • Machining unit /Mikron UCP 600/ 5-axle. (NAO)
  • Orbital sander /Jakobsen/ 800 x 300 x 550 mm/ grinding wheel 350 x 40 mm (NAO)
  • Tool grinding machine/La Prora Beta U40R (NAO)
  • Presetter machine/Erowa 3D/ for machine tools (NAO)
  • Leadwell MCV-760AP machine tool/Fanuc OM-control/760 x 500 x 500 (NAO)
  • CNC-lathe YAM-CK2/ Fanuc 10T control (NAO)

Quality guarantee (ELME Studio)

  • 3D-coordinate measuring instrument/Zeiss Carmet C6 CNC/ 3000/1600/2100 mm
  • Keyence VHX200 system microscope
  • Instro servo-hydraulic substance testing equipment +/-250kN

Welding, cutting and coating

  • Trumpf Laser HLD 4002, diodipumped continuously powered Yb:YAG and TRUDISK 3001 laser machinery with Motoma and ABB robotic equipment (ELME Studio)
  • Motoman welding robot cell/turning device (NAO)
  • Esab flame cutting machine, robotic CNC-control/ 1000 x 2000/ 100 mm (NAO)

Sheet work and edging (NAO)

  • Finn-Power sheet metal work center /CNC, 1000 x 2000/ 8 mm
  • Amada Promecam edging press/CNC, 2000/4 mm/ 2 pieces
  • Amada Promecam edging press/CNC, 2500/4 mm
  • Motoman SK16 robot, servo pedestal, 6-axle/ modulated to the edging press

Heat-treatment (NAO)

  • Induction hardening line: main heater Fives Celes MP600 and local heater Fives Celes MP25 (ELME Studio)
  • Tempering oven/ 1000 C/ 400 x 260 x 630 mm/programmable/(protective gas) (NAO)

Small-scale combustion unit research container and equipment (ELME Studio)

  • Portable research container
  • Ready-to-assemble-and-disassemble sauna testing space (SFS-EN 15821)
  • TESTO 350 flue gas analyzer
  • Fluxus F601 ultrasound flow meter
  • Squirrel 2040-2F16 data logger
  • Trotec TA300 hot wire anemometer
  • Pressure difference gauges Airflow PVM620 ja Produal
  • Thermometers, thermoelement wire, hygrometer, drying oven, PC

In addition to these, the research group has access to the University of Oulu’s mechanical engineering department’s equipment.