Research and Development

Top-of-the-line research at your service

Research and development at ELME Studio have been efficiently organized through project work. The main operator in research and putting together new projects at ELME Studios, is the Future Manufacturing Technologies research group.

Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) research group is a part of the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute. Together with the ELME Studio, we offer you the new research and knowledge from the field, and also execute company requested research on these topics.

We solve manufacturing and product development problems for companies regarding, for example, stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel material research and formability of these materials.

In addition, we investigate the possibilities that new technologies bring in product development and manufacturing processes, as well as bringing manufacturing automation into  the traditional mechanical engineering industry and work shop environment.

We can also test the developed products at our laboratory environment.